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In today’s business and legal world

In today’s business and legal world it is impossible and unadvisable to begin any endeavor without utilizing the Internet. There are significant legal issues when developing business, brands, and materials on the internet which require cutting edge transactional documents to protect your interests. This applies whether you are a start-up, a multi-million dollar enterprise, a solo artist, or just want to start a blog.

“New Media” is a term that has come to stand for the amalgamation of music, film, digital imagining and the written word with the growth of computers, communication technology, and the Internet. New media technology allows an interactive and targeted relationship with the consumer like the world has never seen before, and offers endless possibilities for the creation, publication, distribution, and consumption of media and other products. As this area has exploded over the last decade, new legal challenges constantly occur in this changing world. Here at the Bradley Legal Group, P.A., we offer legal advice on all aspects of the digital revolution, from things as simple as domain name registrations and media agreements and licenses to things as complicated as your long-term intellectual property and digital content rights.

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