Alternative Dispute Resolution is a growing trend among litigants


Alternative Dispute Resolution is a growing trend among litigants. Sometimes, it’s just not the right decision to go to court. Litigation can be expensive, uncertain, and can take years to complete due to the heavy workload and complexity of the court system. That’s where Mediation offers another alternative.

Mediation is a process where parties to a lawsuit come together in an attempt to create their own solution to a dispute. The idea is to discuss your concerns with the other party in a less formal and adversarial setting in hopes of reaching a resolution. A mediator does not listen and record testimony, does not hear legal arguments, and does not issue a binding ruling on the parties. The mediator works with both parties, hears their concerns, and aids the parties in reaching a mutually agreed on settlement. The process is completely confidential allowing all parties to share positions and information that does not flow in the restricted confines of the litigation process.

Here at the Bradley Legal Group, P.A., we offer mediation services for those times it’s just not right to go to court or when the court orders the parties to do so. We have comfortably facilities to accommodate two large parties so each side has space to operate. Let us know if we can help you reach an amicable decision to your dispute.

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