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Intellectual Property Law

In today’s ultra competitive business world, the valuation of a company is much more than the physical and tangible assets present on hand. Business value is also built from corporate branding, marketing, art and logos, trade names, processes, patents, ideas, and other intangible assets. Today’s savvy business owner recognizes the importance of promptly and properly securing the rights in their Intellectual Property in today’s modern economy.

Copyright, trademark, and patent registration can protect a business owner from others illegally using your business name, likeness, creations, or ideas in the course of business. Copyright protection will grant you exclusive rights in your original works of authorship, which broadly includes written materials, music, images, graphics, film, video, webpages, and architectural works. Trademark rights enable the protection of a word, phrase, symbol, logo, or design that you currently use, or intend to use in the future, which distinguishes the source of your goods to the public consumer. Patent Law will protect novel and non-obvious ideas, processes, and methods that you have invented from others seeking to use your new technology or invention in any way, shape, or form.

Protecting your Intellectual Property rights ensures that your hard work and capital investments into your business remain your property and are not taken advantage of and deteriorated by third parties. The attorneys at the Bradley Legal Group, P.A. have significant experience with both the United States Copyright Office and the United States Patent and Trademark. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need assistance in protecting your rights.

Entertainment Law

As exciting as the entertainment industry can be, the road to success is lined with bumps, bruises, and big talkers. An emerging artist or entertainment company needs an experienced entertainment attorney to show them the path of least resistance and counsel them as to their options in this fast and ever changing business.

Entertainment Law covers a vast area of the legal world by combining together issues involving business, intellectual property, tax, contracts, digital and new media rights, and more. Our firm is experienced in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a wide variety of entertainment contracts in the music, film, television, photography and visual arts, literary, adult, and other creative industries. It is important to remember, if the business of entertainment is not handled properly, an entertainment company or artist will have limited chances of success no matter how many units or tickets are sold. The Bradley Legal Group, P.A., is committed to maximizing your creative opportunities while protecting your business interests. We want you to be free to focus on your craft, while we use our experience to produce entertainment agreements to your benefit. It is our goal to protect you and let you do what you do best and not have to worry about the paperwork.


At the Bradley Legal Group, P.A., we believe the best litigation strategy is to plan early for the quickest way to reach effective resolution of your dispute. We pride ourselves in taking the time to listen to our client’s goals and develop an aggressive yet realistic strategy in advising them. Our attorney’s are available for representation in the State and Federal Courts of Florida, New York, California and Tennessee, and through affiliated counsel in New York, the District of Columbia, and other regions inside and outside of the United States. Whether you have a problem with a contract, other business interest, or other personal matter, we are here to represent you to the fullest extent of the law.

The Bradley Legal Group, P.A. has extensive experience representing clients in entertainment litigation, intellectual property litigation, commercial /complex civil litigation, real estate litigation, fraud litigation, privacy and right of publicity litigation and a multitude of other civil disputes.

New Media Law

In today’s business and legal world it is impossible and unadvisable to begin any endeavor without utilizing the Internet. There are significant legal issues when developing business, brands, and materials on the internet which require cutting edge transactional documents to protect your interests. This applies whether you are a start-up, a multi-million dollar enterprise, a solo artist, or just want to start a blog.

“New Media” is a term that has come to stand for the amalgamation of music, film, digital imagining and the written word with the growth of computers, communication technology, and the Internet. New media technology allows an interactive and targeted relationship with the consumer like the world has never seen before, and offers endless possibilities for the creation, publication, distribution, and consumption of media and other products. As this area has exploded over the last decade, new legal challenges constantly occur in this changing world. Here at the Bradley Legal Group, P.A., we offer legal advice on all aspects of the digital revolution, from things as simple as domain name registrations and media agreements and licenses, to things as complicated as your long-term intellectual property and digital content rights.

Mediation / ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a growing trend among litigants. Sometimes, it’s just not the right decision to go to court. Litigation can be expensive, uncertain, and can take years to complete due to the heavy workload and complexity of the court system. That’s where Mediation offers another alternative.

Mediation is a process where parties to a lawsuit come together in an attempt to create their own solution to a dispute. The idea is to discuss your concerns with the other party in a less formal and adversarial setting in hopes of reaching a resolution. A mediator does not listen and record testimony, does not hear legal arguments, and does not issue a binding ruling on the parties. The mediator works with both parties, hears their concerns, and aids the parties in reaching a mutually agreed on settlement. The process is completely confidential allowing all parties to share positions and information that does not flow in the restricted confines of the litigation process.

Here at the Bradley Legal Group, P.A., we offer mediation services for those times it’s just not right to go to court or when the court orders the parties to do so. We have comfortably facilities to accommodate two large parties so each side has space to operate. Let us know if we can help you reach an amicable decision to your dispute.

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