About the Firm

About the Firm

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Initial Consultation

The first thing you need to do is contact our office by phone or email so we can briefly discuss your needs. If we are unable to take your call because we are in court or in another meeting, leave us a message and we will get back to you promptly. We will need to know a little about you, your preferred method of contact, and a brief description of your legal or business needs. From there, you can get to know us a little better and see if you would like to schedule an initial office consultation. After the consultation, you can decide if you would like to hire us to satisfy your legal needs. If you do, you will need to sign a short retainer agreement specifying the work you intend us to do and will be required to pay an agreed upon initial fee. Depending on your situation and needs, often times we can offer a flat fee price (such as drafting or reviewing a contract), but most of our work is done on an hourly basis. Our rates vary depending on the work you need, and we will be happy to discuss this during an initial office consultation so you are comfortable with all aspects of a potential working relationship. Remember, at the end of the day we work for you. It is our job to advise you as to the practical legal and business concerns to your situation, and we will follow your direction as to whatever path you decide.

Our Focus

Knowledge. Experience. Integrity. These are the attributes in which the Bradley Legal Group, P.A., takes significant pride. We use a team approach in providing solutions for our clients with our professionals’ diverse background and experience in the legal, business, intellectual property and entertainment industries. The firm provides our clients with the two chief tools required for success – sound business advice and experienced legal representation. Just as the success of a creative endeavor relies on the right combination of art and business, so to does one’s legal representation. It is this teamwork which is ultimately the key to success.

The Bradley Legal Group, P.A., provides legal representation and protection for various types of intellectual property infringement (copyright, trademark, patent), unfair business practices, contractual disputes, and other unauthorized or uncompensated uses of a client’s intellectual property through aggressive legal action. We also offer transactional services, such as registering copyrights and trademarks and drafting a wide-variety of commercial contracts for business owners, musicians, directors, photographers, models, artists, arts organizations, bands, record and publishing companies, management companies, production companies, actors and other creative types. The firm’s knowledge results from almost 50 years of dedicated hard work in the legal, business, and entertainment industries.

Choosing a law firm that is right for you is a very important decision. You expect the firm to be attentive and responsive to your needs. At the Bradley Legal Group, P.A., we strive to provide personalized service to every client to gain an understanding of the client’s aspirations and tailor our representation to meeting their needs and goals. We would love to prove ourselves to you. If you have questions or a legal concern, please contact at us at the numbers and mail provided on our contact page.

Below is a non-inclusive list of some of the work we do:

  • Civil and Complex Litigation, and Business Contracts

  • Corporate and Entity Formation

  • Entertainment

  • Intellectual Property

  • New Media

  • Sports

Representative Clients

Business Clients

  • 14 East, Inc. (New Media Corporation)
  • 1902 East, LLC (Real Estate Holding Company)
  • Alert Health Inc. (Medical Non-Profit)
  • Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc. (Construction)
  • American Heat Manufacturer, LLC. (Tankless Water Heaters)
  • American Outlaws Association (M.C.)
  • Baby Love, Inc. (Retailer)
  • Brownie’s Marine Group (Scuba Manufacturer and Retailer)
  • Calico Air Conditioning, Inc. (Constuction)
  • Custom Group Inc. (Construction)
  • DER Services (Aviation Engineering)
  • DrTuber.com (Adult Website)
  • Explosive Image, Inc. (New Media Company)
  • Florida Dog Magazine (Physical/Online Magazine)
  • Group Martix (Media/advertising)
  • Harbor Beach Surf Club, Inc. (Homeowner’s Association)
  • Jemm Property Management (Commercial property management)
  • Johnson Yachts (Manufacturer and Retailer)
  • Korean United Methodist Church
  • Long Horn Property Management (Commercial property management)
  • Malin, Haley, DiMaggio, P.A. (law firm)
  • Marine US/Mustang Marine (Australian luxury boat manufacturer)
  • MTV Group (New Media Advertising)
  • Ocean Machinery (Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Ponsard Group (Jewelry Manufacturer)
  • Rice Pump & Motor (retailer)
  • Richie Bulldog, LLC (new media company)
  • Sloan Pump Company, Inc. (construction)
  • Subaqueous Services, Inc. (construction)
  • Sweetwater Music (Music Distribution)
  • Thunder and Lightning (Motorcycle Manufacturer)
  • Tower Air Conditioning, Inc. (construction)
  • TNT Marine Inc. (Yacht Dingy Builder, Intellectual Property Litigation)
  • United Indoor Sports Association (Indoor Sports Facility Organization)
  • Zions First National Bank (Financial Institution)

Entertainment Clients

  • Allegro Productions (Record label for ‘Omega’)
  • Art Connection (Art Wholesaler)
  • Arts in the Hood, Inc. (Not for profit organization)
  • Beau Hodges Band (Outlaw Country Band)
  • Black Tide (Interscope/EMI)
  • Brad Stewart/Gidget Gein (Marilyn Manson)
  • Brahmin Records (EDM Music Label)
  • Briana Banks (Adult Entertainer/Vivid Pictures)
  • Clarence Clemmons Band (Musical Group)
  • Dave Petrotis (The Romantics)
  • David Cabrera (Grammy Award Producer, Musician)
  • EchoXS Entertainment, LLC (Music and Media Company)
  • Ed Callaway (Author)
  • Elsten Torres (Latin Grammy Nominated Songwriter)
  • Erick Anderson (Professional Photographer)
  • Estate of Eliot Ness
  • Estate of Lenny Bruce
  • Fushu Daiku (Touring Music Company)
  • Gonzalo Martinez (Marcy Playground)
  • Jamie Sharper (Baltimore Ravens)
  • Jared Fogel (Subway)
  • Jazz Archive (Not For Profit)
  • John D. Macdonald (Bibliophile)
  • John Tovar (Artist Manager)
  • Jo Lopez (Bruce Springsteen’s Tour Photographer)
  • Jose Feliciano (Grammy Award Musician)
  • Leticia Wolf (Musician/Songwriter)
  • LIPS (Entertainment Performance Company)
  • Mark Hornsy (Ace Music Producer)
  • Menudo Entertainment (musical group)
  • Miami Fury (Women’s Professional Football Team)
  • Michael Joseph (Photograpger)
  • Miss Cleo (TV Personality)
  • Nuclear Valdez (Band)
  • World Records, LLC. (Music Label)
  • Peter Langone (Photographer)
  • Rag Magazine (Music Magazine)
  • Ridenour Recording & Rehearsal Studios (Music Facility)
  • Saigon Kick (Band)
  • Sissi (Latin TV Star)
  • Songwriters In the Round (Not for Profit Organization)
  • Spotlight Productions (Theatrical Performance Company)
  • Stockar McDougal (Miami Dolphins/Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Terry Johnson (The Flamingos)
  • Tieron Robinson (Trick Daddy)
  • Tommy Greywolf (Brooks & Dunn)
  • Tony Stevens (Foghat)
  • Twisted Sister (Band)
  • Up Stage, LLC. (Theatrical Performance Company)
  • US1 Records (Independent Music Label)
  • VP Records (Major Reggae Label)
  • Wayne Cochran (Music Legend)

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