Web Entertainment Theft Bill

Earlier this year, the legislature of the State of Tennessee passed HB 1783, otherwise known as the “Web Entertainment Theft Bill.” This new law makes it a crime, for a person to log into another person’s entertainment service account, such Netflix, Rhapsody, or Major League Baseball’s annual pass, and view or listen to the subsequent content. The law is intended to prevent individuals from sharing accounts which deprives entertainment distribution companies from receiving full monetary compensation for their services. Those found to be violators and prosecuted by the State could face misdemeanor charges for theft under $500.00, and be subject to up to a $2,500.00 fine and 1 year in prison.

Other states have yet to follow Tennessee’s lead in this new legal area, and it is unknown how rigorous Tennessee authorities will pursue violators, but this law is important as it symbolizes a changing trend in how the law will govern media content distribution rights online. At a minimum, be aware of when you subscribe and use a web based entertainment service, it is best not to share the content you have purchased.

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