Managing Your Career: Your Team

In every successful entertainer’s life, there comes a time where the day to day activities of the business of entertainment becomes too daunting to handle alone and the Artist needs to branch out and hire help to assist with the administration of the band. There are five main people/entities that most entertainers need, and here is a brief overview of each.

1. Entertainment Attorney. Maybe we are biased because this is what we do, but this should be the first person on your team. Why? Your attorney will guide you through the selection of the rest of your team and advise and negotiate the significant contracts each of the individuals will require. If you are new to the blog, or need a quick reminder, we previously addressed the issue of how to select your Attorney. The article uses the Music industry as an example, but the process of how to select an Attorney is the same for all situations.

2. Personal Manager. This person plans your day to day activities and advises you as to their opinions regarding your career. A personal manager will network for you, solicit offers, plan your short and long term business strategy, and overall manage your schedule. Additionally, the manager will coordinate with the Attorney, Agents, Distributors, and Business Manager, and make sure everyone is doing their job. Think of this person as your middle man. The Manager deals with all the details of your entertainment life and presents you with the bullet points so you spend most of your time on the creation of entertainment content, and not the administration of your career.

3. Public Relations. Raising an Artist’s visibility is increasingly difficult with so much competition on the Internet. Hiring a PR person to devote significant time and effort to making you more famous is essential in today’s digital world. This person will be in charge of your website, social media integration, media exposure as well as local and print advertising and getting you big in your target market.

4. Agents. Depending on your industry (if you are a musician or actor, you will need a booking agent; if you are a band or writer, you will need a publisher, etc.), there are a variety of different names for these types of people, but overall their job is the same – get you gigs, hopefully paying ones!

5. Business Manager / Accountant. This is the easiest to describe. This is your money person who handles your tax obligations and general cash flow. This individual is the last member of your team as all the other positions are probably already in place by the time you are making real money to require this individual.

It is also important to note, that no one but yourself will take your career as seriously as you, so the selection of these individuals is extremely important, and you should find competent people experienced in the industry. Do not be scared to ask whoever it is you are talking to for referrals and past clients, and check in with those people and see what they think. Your manager, public relations representative and agents need to believe in you. If they do not, they may not be as interested in pushing for you as hard as necessary to make you as successful as you wish to become. As for your Attorney and Business Manager, you want someone with expertise, experience and knowledge of the industry. These people are professionals whose business is to not sell you like your manager, publicist, and agents. These people are there to negotiate the deals brought to you and know if some record label or production company is being fishy with the deal they are presenting to you. Just some parting thoughts to get your head turning about who you want to work with!

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